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Whether you sell online, through social media, or in a store, Clikz Digital has you covered.

Make Your Goods Available to the World!

Business websites aren’t only a great way to gain the increased visibility needed for offline sales. They can actively generate online revenue through direct sales. eCommerce is massive business and continues to grow by the year. In fact, many companies now sell their products and services exclusively through those channels. Selling via a website allows you to reach a global audience on a 24/7 basis, and also makes it easier for people to share ideas for gifts. When done right, it can be the most cost and time-effective way to bring greater profits and sustainable success.

Be Proud to Call it Your Own

Your online store should look like...well, yours. Clikz's experienced web design and UI/UX team builds customized sites to tell your story - and drive sales. You will also enjoy the intuitive usability of the Shopify backend, optimized for store analytics and SEO customization. Our extensive eCommerce experience combined with the Shopify Plus technology will instantly become a vital, revenue-boosting part of your business.

Get rid of Your Hiccups

Truly hassle-free eCommerce. Shopify is a cloud based, fully hosted enterprise solution with unlimited sales, bandwidth, and products. As partners, Clikz clients are given prioritized account management services for fast, expert support. If you have a site and want to migrate to Shopify is simple and secure, so you can get back to focusing on your business, not your platform.


As one of the world's most scalable platforms, Shopify can handle anything. Clikz Digital specializes in integrating your store with other 3rd-party applications, like marketing, shipping, or CRM software, so your business is seamlessly connected.

Shopify's proven system processes billions of dollars a year for the biggest brands around. Join the ranks of companies like Tesla, Google, Budweiser, and Wikipedia with the most trusted eCommerce platform available.

A few of the reasons Clikz Digital recommends Shopify Plus to many of our clients:

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Many of the enterprise solutions on the market are ‘self-hosted.’ This means that you, not the technology provider, are responsible for ensuring the data on your server is secure. It also transfers the risks of security breaches/hacks entirely onto you. Shopify’s cloud-based hosted solution allows you to spend time on your marketing strategy and sales. Shopify is Level 1 PCI DSS compliant which means that all data is protected with the same level of security as your bank.

Shopify Plus is an infinitely scalable platform. Whether you’re launching a major flash sale or moving enterprise-level volume of product on a daily basis, Shopify can handle the traffic. As your brand grows, your online store will scale with ease.
Seamless Upgrades
Shopify Plus maintains not just the infrastructure for our merchants, but also the underlying software. Due to the structure of the Shopify Plus multi-tenant architecture, they maintain, and deploy new improvements to the system seamlessly in the background. You never have to worry about an old code base or updating your system for new improvements to the underlying platform. They simply happen.
Your marketing team are the people responsible for driving qualified traffic to your online store. Shopify Plus provides an easy-to-use and intuitive backend that will empower your marketing team to access key functions directly from the admin, making management a breeze.
Do you have an ERP, CRM, Shipping, Accounting, or Marketing Automation solution that you’ll need to be integrated into your e-commerce website? Shopify’s API provides integration with a myriad of 3rd party solutions to connect all aspects of your online business. Clikz Digital has implemented many of these essential integrations on behalf our clients.
Search Engine Optimization
It is crucial that your e-commerce solution allow for SEO customization and optimization. Shopify Plus ensures that search engine relevant pages are displayed to target audiences. Another major benefit that Shopify Plus offers to brands is the ‘Traffic Control App.’ This redirects all of the traffic you’ve built previously without compromising your SEO rankings. Clikz Digital will ensure that you don’t lose your organic traffic in the transition.

Shopify’s App Ecosystem

Shopify has a flourishing ecosystem of app developers that continually extends and improves the core platform’s functionality. The application ecosystem is regulated by Shopify to ensure only the highest quality for their applications. Apps are not able to manipulate the core of Shopify, ensuring an app doesn’t break your site. As a Shopify Partner, Clikz Digital has experience working with many of the applications in Shopify’s App Store. We can help you determine the perfect applications to leverage for your online store as part of the development process. For even the most complex logistics, Clikz will find the best applications to meet your needs.

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